Flyboard is a water jetpack attached to a board, which allows the rider to fly up into the air and dive under the water. It was showcased in the SEA Games 2019 held in the Philippines and was included as an exhibition sport. This adrenaline-pumping sport is a combination of snowboarding, surfing, and acrobatic diving. The rider is propelled up to 15 meters in the air using a water jet stream that is connected to the board. They can perform various stunts, including backflips, dives, and spins. The Flyboard SEA Games competition saw riders from various countries showcase their skills and thrill the audience with their breathtaking performances. Overall, the Flyboard is a unique and exciting water sport that is gaining popularity worldwide.

Service Description

Participants can experience the thrill of flying through the air and diving under water using a specially designed water jetpack attached to a board. The powerful water pressure propels riders up to 15 meters high, enabling them to perform gravity-defying stunts, flips, and spins.